Tune In with Molly Whitehall | Co-Founder of WDW Entertainment

Molly Whitehall is the co-founder of media, entertainment and arts PR firm WDW Entertainment. Molly is currently also launching food initiatives to raise money for The Felix Project which helps feed local communities in London by rescuing surplus food from the food industry and delivering it to over 350 frontline charities and schools.

1. What does "wellness" mean to you? 

Wellness to me means taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing. It’s something I have become much more aware of during lockdown.. I’ve also become so much more conscious of the wellbeing of those around me - friends, family, colleagues and also total strangers through volunteering with @BeOnHand. I’ve been trying to support as many other people’s mental and physical wellbeing as I can during this really difficult time.

2. Favourite exercise?

 I love doing pilates with (@nathalie.clough). She does brilliant 6pm free insta live classes that are available to everyone.

3. What will the first thing you do be when you get out of quarantine? 

Hug my mum and dad… and then all my friends and family constantly!  

4. Morning person or night owl? 

Definitely a night owl but I am trying to become more of a morning person.. I have actually become a bit better during lockdown, as the first thing I do now in the morning is go for a long walk in the park, which is much more appealing than my commute on the tube to Soho!

 5. What is your morning or nighttime ritual? 

Since lockdown it has been going for a long walk. I’ve discovered all the amazing green space around where I live with parks and commons that I can walk to. Now that outdoor exercise lockdown rules have been changed, I do one in the morning and one in the evening and it really helps to clear my head and re set.

6. How do you like your ThreeDots? 

I’ve been making the most delicious low alcohol cocktails with ThreeDots and Haus (@drinkhaus). Peach and grapefruit are my fave ThreeDots flavours :-) 

7. If you're feeling low, what do you do to pick yourself up? 

Talk about it. It always helps voicing when you feel low. Then try and work out why, what might have caused it and just generally talk it through with loved ones. I will always speak to my husband or pick up the phone to my mum or one of my best friends. Communication can help so much. I also love wearing my @T Balance Crystal Bracelets :-)  

8. What do you admire most in your friends? 

I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many strong, formidable, kind, talented, successful and inspiring women. 

9. Your positive mantra? 

Believe in yourself and know your worth.

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