Tune In with Serena Goh | NY-based Brand Strategist

Serena Goh is a Los Angeles native based between New York and London. Serena established her website for creative services in 2010 and has since collaborated with prestigious brands in the fashion, beauty and food industry.

Additionally, Serena has helped shape the digital marketing space with her work as a brand consultant — consulting luxury fashion and beauty brands as well as creative agencies in brand development of holistic digital and social creative strategies.


What does "wellness" mean to you?

I believe wellness starts internally - whatever you're doing externally won't make a difference until you can shift your state of mind.


Favourite exercise?

I used to play sports so the concept of working out bores me so much , and I can get pretty lazy if I don’t set a routine for myself but if I had to choose just one form of exercise, I’d probably say pilates.


What will the first thing you do be when you get out of quarantine?

I joke about this a lot - that I need a quarantine from quarantine because I’ve been cooking and cleaning so much.  Currently on the top of my mind is a private beach in Italy or Spain, secluded with a potential personal butler to serve me endless Aperol Spritz.


Morning person or night owl? 

Is it possible to be both?


What is your morning or nighttime ritual?

Morning and nighttime rituals always involve an overdose of memes - nothing like dark humor to start and end the day.  Also mornings start with a bit of meditation and tea in the garden.


How do you like your ThreeDots?

Like?  LOVE.  I have somewhat of an addiction to sparkling water and three dots hits the spot every time.


If you're feeling low, what do you do to pick yourself up?

I escape through my creativity — cooking, photography and reading..


What do you admire most in your friends?

I love how enthusiastic and supportive all my friends are.


Your positive mantra?

No matter what, always find a way and the possibilities are endless.


If you want to learn more about Serena and her stunning creative work you can follow her on social media here.

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