Consciously crafted botanical-infused CBD sparkling water by ThreeDots

We believe we should always have a WHY, so in every decision we’ve made at ThreeDots HQ, we’ve contemplated the WHY, and then figured out WHAT needs to be done to get there.


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We are all becoming increasingly aware of the demands of modern society that is causing a world-wide mental health crisis… Well our core mission centers around this exact premise, so we set out to create a drink to combat this trend. With 30% of people in the UK and the US admitting that they have suffered with anxiety at some point in their lives, we are suffering from the ramifications of an increasingly connected and overwhelming world. Personally experiencing this pressure ourselves, we set out to build a company to take the fight to the problem.

ThreeDots offers you the opportunity to consciously disconnect, regroup and focus on a healthier lifestyle.


We support the individuals who are determined to be kinder to themselves, to reach their potential and to achieve self-awareness. That's the why.

ThreeDots botanical-infused CBD sparkling water


The what? We crafted a naturally flavoured CBD sparkling water infused with botanicals that work directly to regulate stress responses in the body and promote balance.

But it’s not enough to just cobble together a drink and call it a day. There is so much more to the ThreeDots ethos of finding a why. In everything we do, we are uncompromising in three key concepts: Quality, Transparency, and Sustainability.


One of the taglines you’ll see us use a lot at ThreeDots is “get back to real.”
You won’t find any nasty chemicals or superficial ingredients in our drinks; we use real fruit juices, natural extracts and tried and tested high quality broad spectrum liposomal hemp extract.

We are particularly proud of our hemp extract - we sent our founders all over the world in search of the best suppliers for ‘water soluble’ hemp extract emulsions, and boy, we did not come back empty handed.

Our emulsion has very high bioavailability, and remains stable and effective, to deliver the power of CBD to your body excellently.

Our drinks are also produced to the highest possible global manufacturing standards, so you can rest assured that with the ThreeDots team on your side, you are getting the best quality every time. They are the product of our dedication to innovation. We’ve put in the hard work, so all you need to do is pick up a ThreeDots, and take a moment to be kind to yourself.


We know hemp extract products are relatively new to a lot of people. We really believe in all of its power and benefits, and with our CBD sparkling water, we wanted to be able to deliver that power to consumers in a non-intimidating and delicious, easy-to-use way. That is why trust and transparency are at the core of our brand.

We are very open about what goes into our drinks, and are huge advocates for traceability. You can trace the hemp extract in our products back to the source and check the potency, profile and quality through a scannable QR code on our cans, that links to an independent third-party tested Certificate of Analysis.

Next time you're enjoying a ThreeDots, just pop open your phone camera, aim it at the QR code and you'll be swiftly directed to our Transparency page to find out more.



Whilst ‘inbox-zero’ takes over our lives, and somewhere in between, we’re trying to make time for brunch, we’re also dealing with the collective responsibility of combating climate change and saving the planet. It’s a lot, we know. While drinking a ThreeDots can help you find that moment of calm, drinking a ThreeDots that you know isn’t hurting the world can help you be even calmer.

We have chosen to use cans because, well, cans are awesome and are one of the most effectively recyclable packages. Did you know, it typically takes around eight months from the time you dispose of an aluminium can to the moment you see a recycled one back in a fridge again!


We also chose partners who are dedicated to sustainability. Our fulfilment house is carbon neutral and offsets its carbon footprint by replanting forests in Northern England (which helped save a species of Newt - cool right?).


They also use only recycled packaging and electric vehicles, together with sustainable sources of energy like solar panels. These are the types of things that get us going here at ThreeDots...


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