Every ThreeDots flavour has a story...

Each of our flavours have been carefully curated with the ThreeDots’ ethos of balance. Our dual flavouring approach combines one part fruit, one part plant to make a whole lot of delicious. And don’t get us started on the aroma.

ThreeDots CBD Sparkling water Peach Rooibos

Perfecting pairings

Our sparkling waters are created to be consciously light and refreshing, with no unnatural anything, to be enjoyed en masse and guilt free, anytime, anywhere.


Grapefruit Basil is crisp af, a real palette cleanser. Grapefruit evokes the brightening energy of the sun and is often used to lift mood. The freshness of basil can liven up any party. GB is our most ‘adult’ flavour, and we love it all day. Two out of three of our founders even say it goes really well with vodka or gin (shhhh...). The third doesn’t get out much.


A fan favourite, Blueberry Hibiscus has a floral undertone and a sweet berry taste. Live in a city and don’t get to wake up and smell the flowers? Neither do we. But we keep an open can of ThreeDots Blueberry Hibiscus in the fridge which makes for a nifty substitute. Blueberries are hailed for restoring normal cell response to stress, optimising human brain power while offering a sweet depth of flavour. This compliments the tang of hibiscus that clears your mind and adds calming floral notes.


Peach Rooibos is a softer flavour, inspired by our founders' own roots in South Africa. Rooibos, rich in antioxidants, is native to the Cape Town region but has become wildly popular all over the world - very much unlike our third founder. Rooibos has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, to soothe and relieve all manner of ailments. It pairs real well with the soft sweetness of peaches. Also, society literally took the word peachy, and put it in a sentence to mean all is well in the world.


No added nasties

We use natural spring water, real fruit juices and pure essences and extracts to make drinks
that taste so good there’s no need for any added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. We
simply don’t compromise on quality. While two out of three of our founders are not calorie counters - the third weighs his salads, leaf by leaf - so we’re still calorie conscious.

All our flavours are 20Kcal or under per can. All natural. No sweeteners. No preservatives. No allergens. No colourants. And we’re non-GMO. ThreeDots is low in sugar, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. We make sure there are no solvents, heavy metals or other nasties in our products. You know you're getting the good stuff at ThreeDots.


That's the ThreeDots promise.


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