Tune In With ThreeDots: Grace Kingswell

Grace Kingswell - Writer, podcaster and nutritional therapist. 

Grace Kingswell is a Clinical Nutritional Therapist with a specialised interest in the Functional Medicine approach to health. She also hosts an Apple Top Charts ranked podcast, STATE OF MIND, discussing how lifestyle interventions can have a profound impact on our physiology and touches topics of health, lifestyle, biohacking and food.

What does "wellness" mean to you?

Gosh, I hate the term wellness because it's one of those words that could have so much meaning, but has been so overused in the industry that it can now encompass anything from a green smoothie to a HIIT workout, both of which could either be health-giving or debilitating depending on the person. I think that wellness should mean whatever works best for you. That's to say, disregard what you see on social media (green juices, snazzy activewear, avocado toast), and just listen to your body and figure out what feeling well truly means to you. If it does include avocado toast then fine, but don't be ashamed or afraid to realise that it might actually mean the opposite of what the "wellness industry"says. 


Favourite exercise?

At the moment, nothing. I've had a shocking week of feeling bleurgh due to my period and I'm totally and 100% of the opinion that if your body is crying out for rest then you should give it. I've been pretty much horizontal for the last four days and that's completely fine. Generally speaking though I love to keep active and start my day with 15 mins of yoga / stretching, followed by either a long walk or short run and a quick dip in the pool / ocean. Recently I've been doing 10 mins of strength based exercise too and I've been loving it, but only if I feel up to it.


What will the first thing you do be when you get out of quarantine?

Smother my 2 year old nephew with kisses.


Morning person or night owl? 

Morning person! I'm usually heading towards bed by 9pm and turn my light off at 10pm (much to my husband's dismay, he's a night owl). I tend to think that if you have your circadian clock on point then the whole "morning person" or "night owl" thing shouldn't really feature anyway, we're designed to sleep once the sun has gone down and if you genuinely feel more alert post 11pm then you seriously need to be looking in to your stress response, your light environment and your circadian rhythm.


What is your morning or nighttime ritual?

Morning: wake up, take probiotic (n.b. that's not a generic recommendation but one that's specific to me), drink lots of water. Tongue scrape, 10 mins of oil pulling, make a coffee, do yoga outside (non-negotiable, even in winter), run or walk, get wet (ideally in cold water) then have a protein based, savoury breakfast. In the evening I switch on my red light device at around the time that the sun's going down and sit in front of that for 10 mins or so, turn of all the overhead light in the house, pop on my blue light blockers and watch something with my husband before going to bed with my book.


How do you like your ThreeDots?

Actually LOVED them. Drank two on the first day of my period and they really helped with the period pains. Also, from a nutritional perspective they aren't high in sugar at all and I can't fault the ingredients at all. Loved the peach flavour!


If you're feeling low, what do you do to pick yourself up?

Go for a swim or ask my hubby to do a silly dance so that I can laugh! 


What do you admire most in your friends?

My girlfriends are all so intelligent, and I admire how they're all succeeding in their chosen careers. I love long chats with them because I really feel challenged intellectually, and that my horizons have been broadened. They're also a really thoughtful bunch that rally round when needed.  


Your positive mantra?

I saw this every morning from the water, before dunking my head under: I am happy, I am calm, I am stress-free. Works a treat! 


If you want to learn more about Grace and her inspiring work you can find her website here

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