Tune In With ThreeDots: Tori Boughey

Tori helps people find self-love, happiness and balance. She does this through the TBalance method and encourages and guides men and women - of all ages - to help them become the version of themselves they are destined to be.

The TBalance method is tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, lack of direction, weight issues - or something you can’t quite put your finger on. No matter what you’re struggling with Tori will help you create long-lasting, sustainable changes.


What does "wellness" mean to you?

Wellness to me is an accumulation of lifestyle aspects that enables me to feel great and perform at my highest capacity in order to live a balanced life.


Favourite exercise?

Pilates for sure. I have the most gorgeous and uplifting teacher (Nathalie Clough, couldn’t recommend her more). I usually do 1:1 sessions with her, however at the moment she is doing daily 6pm live’s and they make my day. 


What will the first thing you do be when you get out of quarantine?

Get to the countryside, I grew up in Dorset and I have been missing proper nature SO much. I, like many, am also desperate to see my family and best friends.  And as soon as I’m allowed to get a flight, I’m going to Formentera!


Morning person or night owl? 

Morning for sure, I love my sleep so I aim to be in bed early and love nothing more than being up before the world properly ‘starts’ in the morning!


What is your morning or nighttime ritual?

Nighttime - I love having a long candle lit, himalayan salt, lavender bath. And while I don’t get to do this every night, it does happen a couple of times a week!

I am also very strict with my face care both morning and night and I’m loving the combination of Medik8’s B5 intense serum topped off with Sunday Riley’s UFO. It contains a bit of salicylic acid which I’m needing for breakouts at the moment!


How do you like your ThreeDots?

What a delicious drink, I am obsessed with the Blueberry Hibiscus and I think the Grapefruit is also going to be my friend!

I also love CBD, I sometimes take it before bed but it’s nice to be able to ingest it during the day for added zen.


If you're feeling low, what do you do to pick yourself up?

At the moment I’ve been depending on my Inner Compass guidance cards, every time I’m feeling a bit wonky I just take 5, tune in and pull a card - they rarely fail to pull through with insane guidance.


What do you admire most in your friends?

Their loyalty, the fact they always have the ability to make me smile and be the most supportive rocks in times of need. My friends are an extension of my family.


Your positive mantra?

Ooooh. At the moment ‘I can and I am’.



If you want to learn more about Tori and her work as a holistic healing coach (or simply just get yourself one of her beautiful crystal healing bracelets) you can visit her website here.

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