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No unnatural anything

Broad spectrum CBD hemp extract plus adaptogens derived

from fruit, herbs, and flowers… that’s what goes into ThreeDots

sparkling water to give you the Zen you need in a non-stop world.

No chemicals, no sweeteners, no colourants, no preservatives,

no GMOs… just 15mg of ethically sourced, high quality, fully

ultra absorbable, hemp extract.


Why broad spectrum CBD?


We use broad spectrum CBD hemp extract in all of our drinks because it has 0% THC (the stuff that gets you high).

To create broad spectrum CBD hemp extract, our lab isolates and removes as much THC as possible while preserving the other natural and beneficial elements in the plant.

Preserving these naturally-occurring elements is important as they have their own therapeutic value and allow benefit from something called the “entourage effect.” This basically means that all the natural elements in the plant are working in harmony to give you that much needed moment of clarity and calm.

The adaptogens

In addition to CBD, ThreeDots has added three powerful adaptogens to our carefully crafted drink. These Adaptogens are botanicals that have been used for centuries in ancient healing traditions and work together to help regulate stress responses in the body.

On the whole, these ingredients help to bring us back into balance, which is what ThreeDots is all about.