At ThreeDots, we genuinely value individuality and mental and physical wellbeing. We believe that homeostasis should be a daily goal and that routines can be reinvented. We refuse to compromise on quality and advocate for transparency and traceability.

We are committed to ethical sourcing and delivering only the highest quality ingredients. Our sparkling water is infused with CBD from broad spectrum, water soluble hemp extract to release the most effective possible benefits.

We only source from partners who are as responsible and dedicated to innovation and sustainability as we are.

Manufacturing Process (iconography) 

1. Source our CBD 

Our CBD is sourced from the highest quality producers and we ensure that every batch of our CBD is double tested by third party labs to make sure that you get the benefits you deserve and nothing is lost in the process.

We added a QR code to our cans so that you can check the provenance of our CBD for yourself on our certificates of analysis.

2. Source Adaptogens 


Adaptogens are pretty cool things. They're basically really healthy plant extracts that are not only good for you but make you feel great too. On the whole they bring us back to balance and decrease stress responses in the body.

We have Lemon Balm, Ashwaganda and Ginseng. And, while we could tell you that after you drink them you will be able to focus better, feel better and feel more energetic, (which we aren’t), we’d rather let you try our drink and decide for yourself!


3. Mixed & Carbonation

Our Natural Spring water is mixed with our key ingredients, and then basically pumped through a giant soda stream to give it that sparkling goodness.

We use the freshest natural flavours from near and far to craft our CBD sparkling water, and always aim to please the tastebuds.

4. Canned 

At ThreeDots we wanted to make sure that cans are just as good as what's inside of them. That’s why our entire manufacturing process is GMP certified and esnures that all of our products are crafted to the highest possible standard.

By using cans ThreeDots ensures that there is no degradation of our CBD due to sunlight exposure, while also using the most widely recyclable packaging available.

5. DrinkThreeDots

Finally, we give to you ThreeDots CBD sparkling water. A moment to be kinder to yourself and drink something that gives you the Zen you need in a non-stop world.

Get back to real.